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How to Boost Low Iron in Toddlers

Foods with to help with low iron

Diet is the most common cause of low iron in toddlers – sometimes it’s just hard to get enough! Here are our top three tips to help prevent iron deficiency in toddlers and help give iron a boost.

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Symptom Spotlight: Gas in Toddlers

gas in toddlers

Gas in toddlers is normal, but it can become uncomfortable and disrupt good sleeping and eating habits. Read on to learn more about gas in toddlers and what dietary factors may help with gas relief for toddlers.

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Springtime Strawberry Slushy

strawberry smoothie

Spring weather is coming and so are delicious spring fruits! This strawberry slushy is a great after-school or weekend snack to toast to the good weather with the whole family.

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Real Mom Story: Brandi & Rowan

Brandi & Rowan

Making the switch to goat milk formula helped relieve this little one’s acid reflux and stomach discomfort. He also loves the taste which helped make transitioning a breeze!

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Easy and Natural Tips for Toddler Eczema

Foods with omega-3 fatty acids

No one likes seeing his or her child uncomfortable. But for families with children who have eczema, distressing, itchy rashes are all too common. What is causing your baby’s eczema may stem from a multitude of factors. But don’t fret, here are our top five tips for treating eczema in toddlers and how to naturally ease baby eczema symptoms.

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Energy Balls

energy balls

While it still may be cold outside, this recipe will bring some extra fun indoors: you can get the whole family involved in the kitchen making KABRITA’s unique twist on Energy Balls. They are a perfect snack for you or your little one, any time of day!

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